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Our story is more of a testimonial really.  A testimony of God's amazing grace and unprecedented faithfulness.

This business began as a dream, one of those in the back of your mind, wouldn't it be amazing to help people and provide for my family all while doing what I love, what I am passionate about.  But a love of color, creativity, and design is more of a hobby really...right?  Maybe so, until God stepped in. 


Unbeknownst to me, God had a plan, a great plan and one that He was already paving a way for.  I felt His promptings each and every one and prayerfully considered them all.  Of course questions came, as did doubts, and then a customer?  With little more than a business name and a general idea of what He wanted me to do, a customer came.  A customer claiming to have found my name on the internet...but I hadn't even began to advertise...I didn't even have a business card.  I went to that first interview, prayed all the way, and GOT THE JOB!  That one job turned into another, and another; and because of God's faithfulness, Glorifying Design and Staging was born.  

With every design with every customer that is what we intend to do...Glorify God!


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